D.C.A | Building

D.C.A | Building

Specifically designed to the construction field, D.C.A | Building integrates and interconnects all actors of a construction. – Promoter, Inspection Company and Construction Company.

What consists?

An app that registers and follows the cycle of life of each problem found in a construction – incident. During this process, in which all the actors participate, the registered on the app go through different stated that describe the evolution since the moment of creation until the promoter decides to consider it closed.



  • Work-oriented workflow construction business;
  • Communication on a single platform with history of all the actions;
  • Online and Offline to connect in places with less network coverage;
  • Dashboard with practical and intuitive summaries;
  • Production of statistics and content reports;
  • Effective control of progress and quality of work carried out on the construction.

With dashboards aimed to different types of users, the platform has global analysis charts, detailed charts by construction, company and types of activity.


Incidents can be created separately, in groups or associated with a visit. In either situation, make a survey of all incidents you find. Describe the incident, photograph, mark the location and name a company responsible for its resolution.


The platform has a Calendar where companies can, when necessary, schedule with the Promoter and/or the client the displacement of their work teams to resolve the incidents.

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