D.C.A | Project

D.C.A | Project

Directed to the design phase, D.C.A | Project promotes agile communication between architects, engineers, construction professionals and customers, unifying the flow, sharing of knowledge and work.

  • Centralized documentation management;
  • Internal coordination of document exchange between stakeholders;
  • Direct communication with the promoter;
  • Meeting planning;
  • Document, correspondence and meeting history;
  • Integration with virtual and augmented reality;
  • Measurement and quantification specific to the contract (3D specialty);
  • Verification of the current account.



  • Decrease in the use of different project entities;
  • Less investment in the integrated journey between different specialties;
  • Creation of a single point of communication;
  • Synergy between different specialties;
  • Faster execution of projects;
  • Greater consolidation in the preparation of specialties;
  • Constant updating of the project in development;
  • Immediate coordination between the different players without management outsourcing.
Consult Documents

Request for documents executed directly through the app and making it available to download, during a period of 10 days after being uploaded to the documentation page of each project.

Sharing and Communication

Consultation, sending and reception of messages of the project’s contact without the use of e-mails. Planning and consultation meetings schedules through the Calendar and execution of upload and download of the minutes.

Process History

Every communication, document exchanges, reports and downloads are centralized, stored and can be accessed by the project members in the form of a chronological list of all the actions taken.

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